What does Sustainability mean to Businesses?

What does Sustainability mean to Businesses?

We’re positive you’ve come to the right place to understand what sustainability means to businesses.


Let’s leave aside the various areas around what sustainability is defined holistically. It’s essential to understand why and how businesses incorporate sustainability.

Climate change, pollution, endangered species, natural resources, plastic bags and coffee cups. You can find much information about these topics if you search for them on the web. We’re here to understand sustainability and business.


Let’s define sustainability in such a way that decision-makers such as yourselves can understand. Sustainability today is considered a fundamental part of business, just like marketing, finance, sales, operation, etc. As a result, sustainability is now considered a vertical.

Just like how marketing has a vital part in your sales, finance, operations, branding, etc., sustainability acts the same towards your business model. It affects all areas of your business, from creating heartwarming and innovative stories for marketing to reducing costs in your operations, all the way to generating more revenue through sales.

 Many large organizations are heavily investing in sustainability because the ROI (return on investment) is forecasted to be huge. (and that they’re just trying to be good guys)

The next question that’s in your mind is, how and where do I begin?


You could download some research based on your industry and identify where you can positively impact (Environment, people and economy). But the way we at Anima see it, every business is unique; you could have different processes, revenues, and business models.


Let’s get one thing straight. As you know, there isn’t just one way to execute your marketing, sales, financing, operations. Different tactics produce different results. It’s the same with sustainability. There isn’t just one thing that can enable you to have your sustainability bringing in value.


What’s the next step? Maybe get an expert in sustainability in your industry? Or hire someone? Hmm…. How about looking at our blueprint think-tank? It’s free, and it’s exclusive to each business. Discover