Unlock Your Business’ Full Potential with a Dynamic Business Model

Most early businesses struggle to be
relevant in the market because

They are being bled dry trying to survive
They are constantly being directed in directions that don't align with their vision
No data or analytics around failures for future reference
Lack of clear and on-time communication between parties
They have make-shift business models built out of a thousand opinions
They struggle to stand out from the noise

How to upgrade your​ Business Model

Step 1

Assess your current business model

Complete a short assessment and schedule a call with an expert to see if Anima’s innovation service is the right fit for you.

Step 2

Innovate your business model

This ~6 month innovation process will position your business to understand, connect and work with your audience.

Step 3

Unlock your business’ full potential

With the upgraded business model, access to our network and ongoing support from our team, you can reach the intended full potential of your business.

We have a process that helps your business fill the market gap


With an upgraded business model, You’ll get

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