"We dream of a world where entrepreneurs can build without carrying the burden of environmental responsibility."

-Reuben Benjamin, Founder


means an individual's true inner self, is the unconscious part of your mind that works automatically, without introspection or awareness.

As the only hybrid consultancy in the region, we combine the strategic and advisory services of a traditional firm with the flexibility and creativity of an agency. By blending the expertise of a consultancy with the agility of an agency, your company can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and client needs, while still maintaining a strategic focus. This can be particularly valuable in fast-moving industries or for clients who require a more dynamic and responsive approach.

Why we exist

Our belief in sustainability goes beyond meeting current needs; we strive to create lasting value for our clients and society as a whole, by advancing a vision of a regenerative and equitable world. Through our collaborative approach with clients and stakeholders, Anima helps create a sustainable future by integrating regenerative practices that not only meet current needs but also create long-lasting value for society.

We are committed to supporting purpose driven businesses move toward reaching their sustainability goals

The Problem

With sustainability becoming a “stress point” in the world right now, it isn’t ideal that being sustainable seems very far fetched to companies. Systems and models are designed to consume natural commodities. The stress exists because of the novelty or unfamiliarity to “being sustainable” as compared to “being profitable or compliant”.

A shift in perspective is needed to start seeing and doing things with sustainable outcomes.

Our Solutions

For established organizations, reworking operational blocks to incorporate sustainable practices may become very resource heavy but they are facing pressure from regulation bodies, stakeholders and their customer base to become sustainable.

We optimize existing initiatives to have more meaningful impact by efficiently using company resources.

For early stage entities, setting aside resources towards becoming sustainable is not feasible and generally insignificant, but they are at a place to mold the structure.

We guide them to incorporate sustainable outcomes into business instead of making it a separate objective.