The Emergence and Importance of Tech

The Emergence and Importance of Tech

Tech companies realize that sustainability is a good investment. Sustainability ensures business continuity by conserving resources. A company cannot produce goods and services without sufficient raw materials (e.g., clean water, wood, minerals, etc.). This, in turn, means decreased revenue for the company. In 2014, Unilever CEO Paul Polman declared that climate change-related natural disasters are costing Unilever at least USD300 million a year.


The relationship between technology and development has always been a constant, and technology is no different when it comes to driving sustainable development. Technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain are among the most “hyped-up” of the bunch. Other powerful technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and energy storage are already at the forefront, making the world more sustainable by the minute.


Perhaps the most macro-impact of the IoT technology is its potential to facilitate a circular economy. A circular economy is a system in which resources are repurposed and products are designed for reuse at the end of their lifecycle. When resources and capital goods re-enter the system instead of being discarded, it can save production costs and significantly decreases waste. When this Circular Economy model and IoT are combines, internet-connected devices gather and relay data to central computers. This, in turn, makes efficiency skyrocket.


If you’re interested in sustainable technology, but you aren’t sure which option(s) would be best suited for your needs, Anima will help guide you in choosing sustainable initiatives that best align with your business goals and budget. Anima has the expertise to guide through the plethora of sustainable technologies, and the partnerships to make them happen.

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