Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen Sustainability Initiative Case Study


Cloud kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and accessibility are at the forefront of customers’ minds. With this growing trend, it’s crucial for companies in the food delivery industry to consider the carbon impact their operations have on the environment. This case study focuses on a cloud kitchen that sought to make a positive impact by implementing a sustainability initiative that focused on carbon mapping food ingredients.


The cloud kitchen faced the challenge of creating a sustainable initiative that would be feasible within their existing business model and that would resonate with their partners (food aggregators) and customers (F&B brands). They also needed to find a way to communicate the sustainability information to the end customers who use the food aggregators.


To address these challenges, the cloud kitchen teamed up with Anima to create a carbon mapping initiative that traced food ingredients from the source to the end product. This initiative helped the company to better understand their carbon footprint and identify areas where they could make improvements. The carbon mapping information was then highlighted on the end product, giving end customers the choice to select food items with a lower carbon footprint.


The carbon mapping initiative helped the cloud kitchen to open up new analytics and awareness metrics within their operating business model. This increased transparency helped the company to identify new avenues for sustainability efforts. Additionally, end customers were able to make informed choices based on the carbon information provided, leading to a higher level of engagement with the sustainability initiative.


The sustainability initiative undertaken by the cloud kitchen not only helped them to better understand and reduce their carbon footprint, but also paved the way for collaboration with other initiatives in the industry. By implementing carbon mapping, the cloud kitchen was able to communicate the sustainability information to their customers and partners, raising awareness about sustainability and encouraging positive changes in the food delivery industry. This helped the company to branch out into new collaborations, furthering their sustainability efforts and contributing to a more environmentally conscious industry as a whole. The cloud kitchen’s initiative serves as a model for other companies in the food delivery industry to follow in their pursuit of sustainability.