Profiting through sustainability in business?

Profiting through sustainability in business?

Building a profitable business is a challenge, and running a sustainable business can be tricky. But if we rethink and reimagine possibilities, we can achieve anything.

To define profit in this article, consider the gain in finances being the difference between how much money is invested and money gained—assuming that there is a way to calculate sustainability impacts and metrics that result in monetary gain.

Profit is a derivative of the economic area in the graph below. Usually, for a business to profit through sustainability initiatives, there needs to be an impact on society. Here we define society as your customers, clients, partners, collaborations, or anyone involved outside the company that your services and products create value.

Now to create a significant enough impact in the societal area, environmental implications takes shape. Studies have shown that consumers of any service or product will pay higher, buy more, and resonate well with a business that cares about the environment and is doing its best to create a future-fit world.

When you read articles about sustainability, people mention that the environment is the highest priority, and this is true. But since your objectives are different, we at Anima feel that the commonality of any objective is to create fuel for the business, which is money.

So if everyone says, Environment —> Society —> Economy, we say Economy —> Society —> Environment. But, unfortunately, for an organization like yours to take any action, money is the language to go for; even though morally, our priorities are dead set on saving the environment, we tend to get confused on where to begin.

It’s imperative that everyone, even you, make a positive impact on the environment. Unfortunately, our days to save the planet are incredibly limited. We at Anima are highly motivated to solve challenges organizations such as yours face to better the world by taking action. We design tailored sustainability initiatives that your business can thrive on.