Positive impacts to working from home

Positive impacts to working from home

In addition to remote working and time with family and friends, work from home (WFH) has increased opportunities to contribute to sustainability. More businesses and individuals have taken on the task to reduce global warming and pollution and instead work towards environmental protection.


Getting involved and creating awareness: Small changes in lifestyle at home can go a long way. Switching lights off, using passive cooling or heating by openings windows, and being aware of waste reduction are some of the ways you can directly change your carbon footprint.

Supporting local businesses: Think about “where do my groceries come from?”, “how far do they travel and are they ethically sourced?” Most large chains use internationally sourced produce, which travel thousands of carbon miles.

Sing use plastics: Our land and water is full of them. Sorting out your stuff around the house, and ensuring that all plastic goes to recycling is something you’d thank yourself for later. There are plenty recycling centers, that completely re-purpose the plastic, either for new products or incineration (waste to energy).


We at Anima try to support all local businesses, this helps against the flight of carbon emissions. There are many ways to directly reduce your carbon footprint, you can reach out to us and we’ll be sure to help you.