International World Polar Bear Day

International world polar bear day

This year’s World Polar Bear Day is focused on mums and their cubs. This year, the non-profit organization Polar Bear International (PBI) launched a campaign to gather fund for developing tools and locate dens so that mothers and cubs are not disturbed.

As of now polar bears are classified as ‘vulnerable species’. This category of IUCN is used for species which are going to endangered soon, unless an intervention is made to the situation threatening their existence.

Unlike species like white rhino and many others who we cannot save, we still have a chance to protect this magnificent polar creature.

Even though they live mostly on snow-covered land, they are classifies as marine animals. Their adaptions like thick fur, fat layers, and water-resistant coat help them survive in both the freezing water and icy air of the north pole.

The species which has been walking on our planet since at least 150,000 years ago may not walk for long. The industrialization of 1950s tripled the fossil fuel emissions from previous decades, causing global temperature rise and melting the icy poles.



To give us some perspective, a species that has been walking on our planet since at least 150,000 years, has an estimated species expectancy of another 3 decades more. This fact is similar to a lot of other affected species.

It is our time to stand as a collective to make change happen wherever we are. Let’s do our best and raise awareness about the good news for the polar creatures instead of the bad.