Insights into 300 exhibitors and brands at the gitex global 22′ event

On October 10 – 14th, 2022, GITEX, or GITEX GLOBAL, held its annual technology exhibition. The exhibition was organized so that companies in their specific industry could showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study the activities of competitors, and examine market trends and opportunities. The exhibition had gathered over 100,000 attendees, 5000 exhibitors and 850 startups from over 170 countries. To get a closer look at what exhibitors and brands did during the GITEX GLOBAL event, we interacted with 300+ exhibitors and brands spanning numerous categories. Among other highlights, we found that:
    • Nearly two-thirds of these exhibitors and brands showcased a new product/service line. Of these exhibitors and brands, 60% have achieved PMF (Product-Market-Fit) with their new product/service in a different location (outside of the GCC). At the same time, 40% have unveiled a new product/service and are using the exhibition to reach PMF.
    • Some exhibitors focused on pricing. About 15% of exhibitors and brands tested their product/service pricing points. This objective allowed them to acquire real-time insights into the value of their product/service through the course of the exhibition.
    • A handful of exhibitors and brands were looking for investment. 15% of exhibitors were positioned to look for investors. The Northstar exhibition was the central location for investors to hang around, as there were special lounges and meeting areas set in the Northstar exhibition for startups and investors to meet and discuss opportunities.
    • 65% of exhibitors and brands were looking to enter the UAE market by Q1 -Q2 2023. We registered a typical pattern with the exhibitors and brands we reviewed that integrating into the UAE marketplace was a priority for most exhibitors and brands. In comparison, the other 35% looked at the interest and had not set a plan or time to enter the UAE marketplace.
    • A keen lookout for domestic partners. Approximately 70% of exhibitors and brands were looking for local partnerships to help enter the UAE marketplace. These partnership opportunities varied across the board.
    • The exhibitors’ expansion plans. 40% of companies outside of the GCC had been established for more than five years. The UAE marketplace is now under their line of sight for international trade missions.
    • Other exhibitions, such as “Digital Cities”, which consisted of government and semi-government entities, showcased innovative technologies that could integrate into UAE society. In addition, a collective of government authorities had unveiled programs at the exhibition that would bridge collaboration between government and private sector entities.
As we’ve entered the year’s final quarter, companies are now preparing their infrastructure to align with the new year’s goals. Companies have now shown progressive behaviours in entering, growing or occupying the UAE market, which comes with many challenges. Our interactions with these entities have opened our eyes to their different challenges. Such as not entering the UAE market unless the right partner comes on board, adapting the business model to fit the needs of the GCC market, or finding the right investor to fuel their startup. Whether they are expansion plans or starting from the ground up, everyone at the exhibition felt excited and stirred by the future. As business turns for the better, we are excited to see the interest generated in taking on the UAE market. We invite you to fill in this form and learn more from a business model expert and find out how your business can excel in the UAE market.