E-commerce Marketplace

E-commerce Marketplace Case Study


A young e-commerce marketplace was facing increasing competition from larger and well-established players in the market. Despite offering a wide range of products, the company was struggling to attract and retain customers. As a result, the company realized it needed to innovate its business model to stay relevant and grow its customer base.



The company decided to use the services of Anima to help them innovate their business model. Through a comprehensive business model analysis and customer research, Anima helped the company identify a new customer segment – sustainable and environmentally conscious consumers. As a result, the company decided to focus on this segment and create a platform that offered sustainable products and services.



The company worked with Anima to design and launch a new platform focused on sustainable and environmentally conscious products. The platform offered a range of eco-friendly products and services and provided customers with information and resources about sustainable living. The company also introduced new features such as a rewards program for customers who made environmentally conscious choices and a carbon offsetting program for delivery services.



The business model innovation increased customer engagement and revenue. The new customer segment brought in significant revenue (35,000 AED/m), and the company’s overall customer base grew as a result of the positive reputation it gained for their eco-friendly initiatives. The company also became more competitive due to their focus on sustainable products and services.



This case study shows how an e-commerce marketplace successfully transformed its business model with the help of Anima. By identifying a new customer segment, focusing on their needs and providing a unique platform that offered sustainable products and services, the company was able to increase customer engagement, revenue, and differentiate themselves from competitors. The business model innovation allowed the company to become more competitive in the market and grow its customer base.