3 Crucial Perspectives To Drive System Change (TEC#003)

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As purpose entrepreneurs, our core belief lies in driving system change.

But what exactly is system change? It’s all about transforming those widely accepted social norms and processes into something entirely different.

Take a simple example: instead of just throwing rubbish anywhere, we aim to sort it out properly.

However, here’s the kicker – more often than not, we end up placing the burden of “system change” solely on the shoulders of our business or project.

We mistakenly believe that our ideas are dependent on this grand change happening first, or that our product or service alone can revolutionize the entire market.

Like many entrepreneurs who’ve hit upon a killer product or service, we often believe that if enough people experience it, it could bring about significant change. It’s like our goal is to create a bomb that goes off, and the aftermath will transform the environment and ecosystem from here to eternity.

Yet, we’ve learned a valuable lesson over the years – the goal to create change isn’t just a goal; it’s a direction. And trust us, that’s a major distinction.

If we keep seeing it as a mere goal, there’s nothing concrete we can measure to gauge our progress. We’re left with this vague notion that system change is only achieved when everyone uses our said-product/service, and then the world magically becomes a better place.

But if we treat system change as a direction, that’s where things get interesting. Suddenly, we recognize that the path we’re walking on is the change itself. We can start keeping track of our progress and deliberately assess the impact we’re making.

And it’s not just about tracking progress. Consider the business model we’re using for this journey. Having the right business model, is crucial for driving impact, for creating that system change we’re so passionate about.


As purpose-driven businesses, we need to challenge the status quo head-on.

And it’s not just about challenging it but also about making sure people notice our efforts. Are our customers even aware of the change we’re advocating for so fervently? Are they joining us with the same level of enthusiasm?

In essence, we can’t just aim for a distant goal of change; let’s stay on course, treating it as a direction, and ensure we have the right vehicle to drive this meaningful transformation. It’s time to walk the talk and lead by example, so that together, we can create the change we seek for a better world.

The three perspectives are for purpose entrepreneurs, and they serve as different approaches or viewpoints to drive system change and create meaningful transformation. Each perspective offers unique insights and strategies to help purpose entrepreneurs navigate their journey towards achieving their goals of bringing about positive change in the world.


Perspective 1: The Guided Pathfinders 
We recognize that change isn’t a fixed endpoint to be reached; rather, it’s an ongoing journey. We have a clear direction in mind, and while we acknowledge the importance of setting goals, we don’t let ourselves get fixated on them. Instead, we focus on staying true to our purpose, vision, and values.

With a deep sense of commitment to our cause, we lead by example, demonstrating through our actions that the change we seek is not merely theoretical but entirely feasible. We actively engage with our community, customers, and stakeholders to create a shared understanding of the direction we’re headed. By maintaining open communication and transparency, we build trust and inspire others to join us on this transformative journey.

Our business model is carefully crafted to align with our purpose, and we continuously refine it as we learn and grow. We are adaptable and embrace the idea that making an impact may require pivoting and iterating on our approach. Our vehicle for change is chosen wisely, ensuring that it is effective in navigating the terrain we encounter, even if it means taking the road less traveled.


Perspective 2: Catalyst Innovators
We view system change as an opportunity to catalyze innovation and creativity. We see change as a dynamic force that thrives on novel ideas and unconventional approaches. Our focus is not solely on making incremental improvements to an existing system but on reimagining it entirely.

As catalysts, we actively seek out and nurture innovation both within our own organization and across our network. We foster a culture that encourages experimentation and risk-taking, recognizing that breakthroughs often come from stepping outside comfort zones.

Rather than waiting for the perfect conditions or for others to lead the way, we take the initiative to drive change ourselves. We understand that true transformation is born from action, and we are unafraid to challenge the status quo, even if it means facing resistance or skepticism.

Our business model is designed to embrace and support innovation, providing the necessary resources and space for creative ideas to flourish. We invest in research and development, partnerships, and collaborations that push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Perspective 3: Collective Impact Architects 
The emphasis is on the power of collaboration and collective action in achieving system change. As purpose entrepreneurs, we recognize that no single entity can bring about significant transformation alone. Therefore, we work tirelessly to foster partnerships and alliances with like-minded individuals, organizations, and stakeholders.

Our approach revolves around creating a shared vision for change, aligning diverse perspectives, and pooling resources and expertise. We understand that by uniting our efforts, we can amplify our impact and tackle complex challenges with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

In this perspective, we view our business model as a platform for fostering collaboration and mobilizing collective action. We actively seek out opportunities to engage and empower our community and customers, encouraging them to become active participants in the change we seek.

We measure success not just by our individual achievements but by the broader positive changes we bring about as a united force. We celebrate the progress made together and continuously refine our approach to ensure our collaborative efforts remain sustainable and inclusive.


In conclusion, as purpose entrepreneurs, our three perspectives on system change encompass being guided pathfinders, catalyst innovators, and collective impact architects. These perspectives involve staying true to our purpose and values, catalyzing innovation, and fostering collaboration to create the meaningful and transformative change we seek for a better world.


→ Action StepCreate a survey or feedback form and distribute it to your community, customers, and stakeholders. Gather their thoughts on your business model, the impact you’re making, and the change they wish to see. Use this feedback to identify areas for improvement, innovative ideas, and potential collaborations. Engaging with your audience directly through this survey will allow you to evaluate your business model, seek new approaches, and initiate conversations for impactful partnerships, all within a shorter timeframe.